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Our mission : to enable the development of sustainable sectors by designing and manufacturing high technology and low-carbon solutions. Our teams of experts are comitted to improve the performance of industry and to support its ecological and social transition.


The Group gathers experts from six separate entities around the core competencies of thermal, gas and atmospheres management. This unique know-how and skills hub gathers the following companies : ECM Technologies, ECM Greentech, SEMCO Technologies, Annealsys, Carbon and IOS. This organization enables the Group to provide its customers with global solutions for the treatment and transformation of material in all industrial sectors.



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Turnover dedicated to innovation

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International sales

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Starting in the Alpes

Birth of ECM (Etudes et Constructions Mecaniques) in 1950, formerly specialized in the manufacturing of welding and lifting systems.



In the meantime at Infrafours..

Infrafours company manufactures the first vacuum furnace for the aeronautical sector in 1964. Few years later in 1980, Infrafours keeps on innovating with the first low pressure carburizing testing. This expertise gets interest within ECM who acquires Infrafours in 1984.



Pelissier family and ECM

Francis Pelissier becomes major shareholder within ECM in 1984. Laurent Pelissier joins the company in 1988 for his studies thesis.



At world conquest

Birth of ECM USA in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Focus to automotive

In 1989, PSA Group looked for specific equipment dedicated to automotive production. ECM takes the lead and develops a special furnace range for this sector. This success will enable the group to become the reference partner in this sector with its Infracarb reknown patented process.

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Destination moon

A new technical challenge for ECM : to manufacture a vacuum furnace for the Ariane 5 HERMES space shuttle .

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The Group invests in the solar energy

The Group acquires Physitherm, a company who had developed the first furnace operating with photowatts. In 2009, the Group decides to create a research program for the photovoltaic market and manages to complete more and more complex orders.

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At world conquest

Birth of ECM Beijing in China.

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Birth of ECM Greentech

Subsidiary dedicated to renewable energies and reknown for its photovoltaic silicon growth activity.

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The Group flies to aeronautics

ECM acquires Serthel company, who had developed the first furnaces compliant with the aeronautics normative framework.

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ECM develops its competences

The Group invests to master all the value chain of its expertise fields thanks to the acquisition of SEMCO Technologies. This company manufactures CVD equipment for the semiconductor market, eChucks and gas components.

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The Group is born

Creation of the ECM Group entity, that will gather all entities and subsidiaries of the group.



The Group keeps up its external growth strategy

ECM acquires Kemstream and Annealsys companies in 2021 and reinforces its competences in the semiconductor sector.



The ECM Group acquires a stake in Carbon's capital

The Group gets involved and works directly for the french and european solar sector reindustrialisation, taking part in the Carbon solar project.

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The Group acquires IOS

ECM is continuing to grow and is strengthening its presence in Germany and Northern Europe as well as its services business with the acquisition of the German company IOS - Industrie Ofen Service.

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The majority of our capital is held by the founding family. Thus giving us great agility and a total control over our decisions and operations. The support of financial institutions such as the BPI gives us a stronger base.


Executive committee

Members of the executive committee gather together every week for all the entities of the Group. Taking the right operational and strategic decisions is the aim to ensure the right development of the company and achieve our targets.

A specific executive committee happens every month at the Group level.

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Strategic committee

Being responsible for planning and implementing the ECM Group's strategy is the objectiv of this committee. It enables us to develop long-term plans and work towards sustainable growth.

30% of the committee members are women.

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Executive board

Every month, general managers and shareholders gather together to supervize the Group management and activities.

A former minister is part of the executive board.

Our global

Headquartered in the Alps, ECM Group is based in Grenoble, and so are ECM Technologies and ECM Greentech . SEMCO Technologies and Annealsys are based in Montpellier. The Group also has a strong international presence, with subsidiaries in the USA, China, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.



We are agile

We are agile

We seize opportunities to expand into new activity areas. Our diversified knowledge enables us to adapt easily and put our expertise to work for our customers.

We are united

We are united

We are an independant French group, majority-owned by the Pelissier Family. We work together to shape tomorrow's world.



We are committed to a sustainable approch in our daily work and in the designing of our equipments.

We promote diversity

We promote diversity

We are convinced that together we are stronger. We promote diversity within our subsidiaries by encouraging internal mobility.

We develop our competences

We develop our competences

We are an integrated company with a complete control over our manufacturing chain. We are constantly striving to improve our products and offer the most efficient solutions on the market.

We encourage entrepreneuship and innovation

We encourage entrepreneuship and innovation

We encourage initiative to innovate and think outside the box. Each of our employees can launch his project on his own and be actor oh his career.

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