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Through our technologies, we contribute to the development of sustainable sectors (new mobilities, heat exchangers for heat pumps, permanent magnets, photovoltaics, green hydrogen and its storage) and enable the production of materials, components or fuels required by certains sectors, supporting the target of European carbon neutrality by 2050.


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Over the last few years, the ECM Group has acquired and developed strong competencies to address the semiconductor market the best way possible. Thanks to its strong investments in R&D and external growths, the Group now offers a wide range of equipments and components for semiconductor production.

Through its subsidiaries ECM Greentech, SEMCO Technologies and Annealsys, the Group specializes in the design and manufacture of heat treatment equipment (furnaces for chemical deposition, Si and SiC crystal growth equipment), as well as a wide range of components for optimizing gas processes.

These skills and expertise have enabled the Group to position itself in the semiconductor market and to support technological trends and developments, particularly in the production of silicon carbide semiconductors.


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ECM Greentech is the ECM Group subsidiary dedicated to renewable energies. Historically specialized in silicon ingot growth equipment, ECM Greentech is now able to provide turnkey solutions for solar panels production. It covers the entire value chain, from crystallization to cells manufacturing. The integration of SEMCO Smartech has enabled ECM Greentech to enhance its equipment portfolio by specializing in the production of TOPCon solar cells.

ECM Greentech has extensive expertise in thermal processes for renewable energies. This has led the Group to take part in high-potential projects, such as the development of green hydrogen production (in collaboration with GENVIA) or the CARBON project for the creation of a solar gigafactory at Fos-sur-Mer.

Space and


The aerospace sector is one of the Group’s historical market, particularly for its subsidiary ECM Technologies. Today, the ECM Group is a supplier of heat treatment furnaces to numerous prime contractors and their subcontractors.

Our teams work closely with customers to optimize their designs, manufacturing methods and heat treatment processes. Their aim: to improve parts performance and take part into the numerous developments in these highly technological markets.

Through its subsidiaries and technologies, the ECM Group contributes to the development of new materials and to the industry’s quest for safety and sustainability. Our skills hub enables us to provide expert solutions and manage projects that meet the normative framework standards required by this sector.


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ECM Technologies’ success is directly linked to the development of vacuum technology in the automotive industry. Our patented low-pressure carburizing process is now the most widely used among automative manufacturers and their subcontractors. The development of the electric car and the need for high torque have enabled ECM’s Technologies to become one of the leading industrial partners in the market, from two-wheelers to trucks.

The modular installations supplied by ECM Technologies are designed for the world’s largest manufacturers in terms of volume, as well as for small and medium-sized companie. Thus making ECM solutions relevant and suitable for any industrial company wishing to combine performance and cost control, all in a sustainable approach and support to  industry decarbonization .

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