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Manufacture the Difference

Improve industry's performance and support its sustainability.

Who we are.

As an independant French industrial group, we design and manufacture equipments and their associated processes for the treatment and transformation of materials. Our solutions aim to improve the performance of industries and contribute to their technological and ecological transitions.

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As a manufacturer of equipment and components, the ECM Group is involved in the production of semiconductor materials, SiC, MEMs and in the optimization of their manufacturing processes. With a global offer covered by several of our companies, our solutions are suited to both research and production.


Activity area


The challenges of the vehicle electrification drive new technologies and new needs. The automotive industry had to adapt to meet these challenges, while maintaining a sustainable and profitable business. The new generation of gearboxes and transmissions sytems have specific constraints that can be resolved by a clean, cost-effective and high performance heat treatment.

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Activity area


With a 40 years strong background in the photovoltaic sector, the ECM Group is a key player in the French and European industrialization of the energy sector. Supporting projects such as Carbon, we believe in the potential of solar power to contribute to european energy sovereignity. More recently the Group has extended its offer working in the hydrogen sector based on the core competences of the Group subsidiaries.


Activity area

Space and

Long time partner of the aeronautical industry biggest contractors, we contribute to the sector's needs for high performance materials, safety and sustainability. We respond expertly to the normative frameworfs imposed by this sector.



Commited to continuous improvement for our customers and our internal processes, the group places innovation at the heart of its business.

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We Care.

For our customers, for our employees, for the planet, the Group has been comitted for years to a sustainable, low-carbon and virtous industry.



We care about
Our Environment.

Our technologies directly contribute the development of sustainable sectors through low-carbon solutions and equipments. We enable the production of materials needed to reduce the world industrial carbon footprint.



We care about
Our people.

We integrate ethical and societal issues into our value chains, to guarantee quality of working life and safety, both in terms of supporting our employees and providiing a safe working envrionment for our customers.

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We care about
Our local economy.

We combine local and corporate issues by giving priorities to local partners and suppliers; and get them adhere to our internal initiatives


To people
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You seek to contribute to the promotion of the industrial french sector through promising and challenging projects ? The ECM Group is comitted to the development of your carrier, offering a technical and international workplace on a human scale.

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