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An innovative company

Improve our processes and invest in research and development to always offer our customers more effective solutions.

Our research and development

Continuous improvement of our processes in order to produce and offer high-performance solutions is the heart of the ECM Group mission. With a strong investment in research and development every year, the Group is actively participating and supporting leading markets with a recognized competences hub around thermal, gas and atmospheric management skills.

Synergy centers in France and abroad

Synergy centers in France and abroad

With research centers in France, United States and Asia, the Group works with its customers as close as possible to their manufacturing plants.

Expert teams on their fields

Expert teams on their fields

With research centers for our various applications (metallurgy, semiconductors, photovoltaic), our teams accompany you to meet your needs.

Collaborative development with our customers

Collaborative development with our customers

Involving customers in our designing phases is an integral part of the ECM project, enabling us to offer them the best solution and optimize their processes.



The Infracarb process is our patented low-pressure carburizing process, carried out within our heat treatment facilities. This process consists of enriching a steel part with carbon in order to improve its mechanical properties. Nowadays, low-pressure carburizing is the world’s most widely used heat treatment for automotive transmission components.



Our ECO furnace is the only industrial furnace on the market that has been awarded Solar Impulse. This label rewards efficient solutions that have a positive impact on both the environment and profitability. The ECO furnace has been developed and designed as a production tool to replace traditional technologies that pollute the atmosphere. Its performance translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 85% during heat treatment operations.


Ecological transition is at the heart of the French government's support plan for greener and more competitive industry. This announcement in the France Relance plan clearly reflects the importance of carbon impact in manufacturing industries. Companies must adapt to these new issues, and ECM Technologies' offer has been part of this approach for many years now. The development of ECM Technologies' ECO furnace was partly financed by the France Relance plan.

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